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Friendly guide If you are reading this page... you are on the Web!. Try any of the hypertext links below to go to some useful starting points for your Web adventures.  (Bye, and best wishes!) 
Go to a Web Site GO TO A WEB SITE Use this link to enter a Web address you want to go to
Web Directory WEB DIRECTORY Browse a listing of topics on the "Google" Web directory
Search the Web  SEARCH THE WEB Search for a specific item of interest with the "Google" search engine
Online Newspapers  ONLINE NEWSPAPERS Read world newspapers at the "The Internet Public Library"
Web Design  WEB DESIGN Reference information about accessible site design at the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative
Send/Read Email   SEND/READ EMAIL Use the free "Hotmail" system to send or read email
Feedback  FEEDBACK Send feedback or questions to the EIA designers

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