Summary of an EIA Clinical Trial

RJ Seiler, AM Seiler & JM Ireland

(Compiled April 1998)
Client Background AAP Outcomes AAP Predictions Monitored Web Usage
21 yrs. Completed Yr 12. Acquired C5-6 quadriplegia. Wheelchair dependent. Normal language & memory. Requires typing splint. Touch accuracy normal. Visual skills slightly below mean. Reading skills accurate, but slightly slow for complex reading. Requires careful screen adjustment. Small targets will be difficult. Needs encouragement. Has the visual memory & reading skills to be independent. Minimal or no prompting for menu bar, hypertext, navigation & searching. Never "got lost".
53 yrs. Completed Yr 7. Acquired incomplete paraplegia, T10. Uses wheelchair. Normal language & memory. Touch accuracy perfect scores with quick times. Visual & reading skills within normal range. Slower reading complex material. No physical difficulties. Will be independent, i.e. will read menus & make choices form searches. Likes quick successes & may become frustrated. Independently used menu bar, hypertext, navigation & searching. No confusion. Tended to give up on a search if not successful.
37 yrs. Completed Yr 9. Incomplete L1 paraplegia. Mild head injury. Normal language. Mild premorbid reading & spelling problem. Touch accuracy normal. Visual discrimination & reading comprehension accurate, but slow. Difficulties on complex visual memory. Mild reading problem demonstrated. Will use touch screen, read menus, & make choices following search. May get confused & will take longer to process and make decisions. Low level of prompting for most navigation functions. Decreased response initiation. Low support needed for decision making.
57 yrs. Completed tertiary and research level. Degenerative neurological condition. Moderate to severe receptive, expressive language & memory disorder. Colour blind & visual problems. Normal touch accuracy but slow. Below normal range for all visual & reading skills. Slowed processing skills. Can use touch screen. Language & memory disorder will prevent independent use. Reading better for familiar topics. Would function with simple "favourites" lists. Used most menu bar functions. Independent with hypertext. Moderate to high support needed for searches & choice making. More independent with reading familiar topics. High support required.
20 yrs. Attended special school. Mild intellectual impairment and visual disorder. Speech normal. Language functional for daily needs & supervised work environment. All tasks except touch accuracy were slower. Inaccurate visual memory. Could not comprehend paragraphs and complex text. Can use touch screen. Needs positioning of monitor for visual disorder. May become confused, due to decreased visual memory & reading comprehension. Accurate with touch screen. Low level prompting needed for hypertext & navigation. Moderate level support needed for reading & choice making. Would be operative with "favourites".
24 yrs. Attended regular school with support. Moderate intellectual disability. Physical in- coordination affecting walking & hand movements. Speech largely unintelligible. Touch accuracy & visual tasks all below normal for accuracy & speed. Able to read single words, but unable to read & comprehend sentences & paragraphs. Impaired touch accuracy. Will need high support for reading menus & navigation. Will not be independent. Errors in accuracy. Moderate to high prompts needed for navigation, reading & decision making. Enjoyed music, graphics & interactive nature of Web. Could use simple "favourites" lists.