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Other Developers

Below are some other small, independent developers, who, like ourselves, are practising clinicians who have put their ideas and experience into resource materials for general distribution.
If you would like your materials listed on this page (at no charge), please contact us at info@elr.com.au.

News Talk CD

Contact:Angelique Marcus, DECD Special Education Resource Unit (SERU), +61 (08) 8235 2871
A resource for developing speaking, listening & literacy skills in preschool and school aged children. Developed by South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services, Brooke White and Sue Lawless, Speech Pathologists.
  1. News Talk for Teachers
    This CD presents great ideas in a simple, easy but exciting format for teachers to use to create an effective newstelling programme. It describes how a developmental perspective of newstelling can build upon each child's current oral language skills and increase success in speaking, listening and literacy. Newstelling is an essential part of your curriculum. The CD includes:
  2. News Talk for Speech Pathologists
    This CD is a resource for use by speech pathologists to support preschool and junior primary teachers in developing speaking, listening and literacy skills. It is an interactive resource full of creative, practical ideas teachers will love. It has 2 major components:
    1. A dynamic workshop that is visually stimulating and ready for speech pathologists to present to teachers. The workshop package contains:
      • Many video clips of children and teachers demonstrating news
      • Video clips demonstrating key teaching strategies and ideas on how to set up news
      • Case studies and activities
      • A package of useful handouts with ready to use colourful visual strategies and checklists for tracking individual progress
    2. A self study package for teachers (News Talk for Teachers)

PELICAN TALK Speech Therapy Resources

Website: www.pelicantalk.com
PELICAN TALK Speech Therapy Resources have been created by Speech Pathologist Lucia Smith based on her experience in clinical practice.

The full product list includes:

The Speech Sound Set
Sound pictures for 27 speech sounds.
Get those oral muscles working. A disk to promote agility, direction and strength. Slideshows, cards to print out and pictures galore! Six fun characters make oromotor practice fun!
The Speech Vowel Set
Sound pictures for the 21 vowels that occur in English. Spelling options also included.
Monkey Sounds- Teaching Short Vowels in the Early Years
Let the five monkey characters teach you about the five short vowel sounds. Great for early literacy.
Fun with Sequences
A whole disk full of 2 and 3 stage sequences. View as slideshows, print out the book - or print the scenes out as cards.
I Can Say S Clusters
A whole program to address the phonological process of S CLUSTER REDUCTION. Activities from single word practice to games for generalization.

ReadingDoctor Software (by LearningScience Pty Ltd)

Website: www.readingdoctor.com.au
This software was created by independent developer Bartek Rajkowski - a Speech Pathologist who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of literacy difficulties. The software design is based on Bartek's clinical experience, and on research into the underlying deficit in dyslexia and the mechanisms of literacy acquisition.

ReadingDoctor Software is a unique, self-adjusting visual/auditory/articulatory mnemonic system that identifies and strengthens areas of weakness in order to:

This software allows clinicians to:

The MusicLanguage Series

Website: www.spedsg.com/CD/MusicaLanguage.htm
This unique series was created by Hilary Henshaw and Dr. Beverly Joffe. The three titles in this new series each consist of a double CD pack (including an instrumental only CD, enabling adaptation of each activity to suit the child/ren's needs and interests) and a book which includes music and words, clear concise notes about how to use and extend each activity and specific learning outcomes.

This software:

The Building Language Series by Words Work

Website: www.buildinglanguage.com.au
The Building Language Series was developed by speech pathologists Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower of Words Work. These resources are grounded in the theory of cognitive neuropsychology and the neuroscience of neuroplasticity.

The resources include:

Cued Articulation Training

Website: www.soundsforliteracy.com.au
A series of videos are available to provide training for teachers in Cued Articulation in conjunction with the Tablet App. The videos provide the underpinning information and explain how to use the App to learn Cued Articulation. An Aboriginal sounds video is also available.

Speech Pathologists wishing to train the teachers they work with in Cued Articulation are able to purchase a PowerPoint training course. This is approved by Jane Passy, takes 6-7 hours to present, and covers:


Website: www.spelfabet.com.au

The Spelfabet materials are explicit, systematic synthetic phonics resources by speech pathologist Alison Clarke. They aim to strengthen phonemic awareness and spelling pattern knowledge. All materials are available as PDF downloads in either Comic Sans or Victorian Modern Cursive font. PCS symbols are used to illustrate vocabulary in the workbooks, making them suitable for all ages including teenagers and adults with poor decoding.

The materials include:

Looking Learning

Website: www.lookinglearning.com

Looking Learning is an Australian made, web-based resource created by Melissa Karydas. Melissa's background is physiotherapy and she developed Looking Learning over a 10 year period in response to the family challenge of a daughter born with a language disorder. The resultant resource is a uniquely configured, extensive online visual dictionary with more than 7000 words and phrases. The materials are intended to assist the teaching of English to ESL students, and to assist students with language difficulties.

The key features of the website include:

Behaviour Help

Website: www.behaviourhelp.com
Behaviour Help was founded by Dolly Bhargava, a Speech Pathologist with a Masters in Special Education. Behaviour Help's mission is to provide an effective path for transforming the lives of children, adolescents and adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Resources include books, apps, workshops (online and face to face) and consultancy services covering:

There are also a range of free resources including downloadable booklets and videos designed for parents, child care professionals, educators and health professionals supporting children with a range of disabilities. This includes Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Emotional and Behavioural Disorders, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, ADD/ADHD and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. They cover a range of practical strategies which educators and parents can use at home and school to develop the child's skills.

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