December 2001

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The aim of this newsletter is to inform you of developments and changes to our major products eLr (Extra Language Resources) and EIA (Enhancing Internet Access). We welcome the opportunity for feedback and questions, and will be pleased to consider including reader contributions and announcements.

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In this issue -

  1. EIA Display at November ALIA Conference
  2. New eLr Materials
  3. Time Taken for New eLr Registrations
  4. Free Downloads
  5. ELR 2002 Calendar

  1. EIA Display at ALIA 2001 Conference

    ELR Software was part of the extensive trade display at the ALIA Conference (Australian Library and Information Association), in Melbourne, 12-15th November. We were pleased with the interest shown in the use of our products within the library system, and are always impressed with the ever-expanding functions that our libraries are adopting. The EIA browser (Enhancing Internet Access) was seen as a "clean and easy to use" interface for Internet browsing or library catalogue. It can be accessed via mouse and keyboard, touchscreen or other more specialized equipment (such as IntelliKeys and trackballs). This makes it a flexible part of library accessibility initiatives.

    We had available for display two, newly developed Browser capabilities. The first is WordCue which is a mechanism for additional literacy support - a user is able to click (or touch) any word within a web page and see or hear additional spoken cues as to the meaning and use of the word. The second addition is an extension to the Click-On-A function which allows a user to use a "favorites" list located on a floppy drive. The new extension adds mechanisms for use of an alternative file location, and lets the user (or support staff) directly add to or edit these links. The new release of EIA will be available in late December and current users will be eligible for a free upgrade.

    The EIA Browser also supports a tutorial "plugin" which outlines some of the main concepts involved in Internet use, and provides practice in using the browser to access the Internet. Field trials have demonstrated that most people are able to use it as a self-paced tutorial which takes about 45 minutes to complete. Immediately following the tutorial, clients confidently engaged in searching and surfing the Internet. Where literacy and other issues prevent it being used independently, it is a useful tool within an interactive session where a tutor uses the Tutorial to outline each concept and guide the practice session.

    The Awareness and Assessment Protocol (AAP) is a more specialized "plugin", which was also designed as a part of the EIA system. It is a computer based method of assessing the physical, cognitive and literacy skills needed to use the Internet independently. It is appropriate for therapists and clinicians who are interested in using the Internet as part of a rehabilitation program, or for others involved in training programs where knowledge of a client's skill base is desirable prior to Internet training.

  2. New eLr Materials

    We have continued the review and updating of the Semantics-Naming section. Last month we added two new subsections in Nouns-unrelated common and Nouns-unrelated specific. This month we have added 48 new tasks to the Nouns-related common and Nouns-related specific subsections. Two models were used in the new tasks, PicCards, and Slide Show. These models are appropriate for all ages, whereas other models in this section (such as Picture Flyout) may be best suited to the paediatric population.

    As usual we welcome feedback and suggestions about the materials - content, layout, and accessibility from the Directory, or any other issue you have noticed as you use the program.

  3. Time Taken for New eLr Registrations

    Thanks to the joys of modern technology, we are usually able to complete new registrations within 24-36 hours. Registrations that are sent by fax or email are acknowledged by email within 24 hours (if an email address is included). We forward your User ID and PIN number immediately which means you can use eLr via the web within a day or so of registration.

    Registrations that are sent by post take longer to reach us, but on receipt we respond as above within 24 hours. On the rare occasions that we are away from the office for an extended period the response to postal registrations may take a week or so.

    The full, registration package is sent by post within 2-3 days following our receipt of your registration. This package contains the eLr-Offline CD, a copy of the eLr licence agreement, and sample forms which are located in the Support Section of eLr.

    If you have not heard from us within 10 days of sending your registration, please feel free to contact us. There have been the occasional instances where for some reason we have not received the registration. Sometimes faxes and emails aren't delivered correctly, even though you thought it had been sent.

    We are grateful for the increasing interest shown in eLr Extra Language Resources. There are daily downloads of the trial version of eLr-Offline, and lots of people taking advantage of the online trial, using a free PIN number to examine the materials more closely. We endeavour to provide an efficient and responsive service, and welcome suggestions, criticisms and feedback.

  4. Free Downloads

    For other supporting materials and documents available for free download, please see http://www.elr.com.au/support.htm.

  5. ELR 2002 Calendar

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