March 2002

Newsletter of ELR Software Pty Ltd

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ELR Software Pty Ltd combines the skills of speech pathology and computer programming. We produce software in the fields of Internet access for people with disabilities, and specific speech pathology resource material. We have also been involved in consultancy to clinicians and research projects in the fields of literacy and accessibility issues with the Internet.

The aim of this newsletter is to inform you of developments and changes to our major products eLr (Extra Language Resources) and EIA (Enhancing Internet Access). We welcome the opportunity for feedback and questions, and will be pleased to consider including reader contributions and announcements.

This Newsletter (and previous editions) is available online at http://www.elr.com.au/news and an email version is sent monthly to members of our mailing list (See Subscribing/Unsubscribing).

In this issue -

  1. New eLr Materials
  2. eLr Changes and Revisions
  3. APAR and Literacy Online
  4. Free Downloads
  5. ELR 2002 Calendar

  1. New eLr Materials

    A total of 163 new tasks added to the Directory this month. 58 tasks were added to Reading and Spelling - Other Vowel Sounds - "y" spelling. This section breaks into 3 subsections:
    • - words where the "y" is pronounced as an "ee" sound (as in "body")
    • - words where "y" is pronounced as the long "I" sounds (as in "dry")
    • - words where the "y" is pronounced as the short "I" vowel (as in "gym").
    The models used in this section include "Word sound buttons", "Sentence completion", "LookThenCover", and "WordSearch".

    The new model developed last month "WordSearch", was also used to add 65 new tasks to the following sections in Reading and Spelling - Consonant Digraphs (sh, ch, tch, th, ck, ph, & wh), Short Vowel Digraphs, Long Vowel Digraphs, Diphthong Digraphs, and the Schwa (or neutral) vowel.

  2. eLr Changes and Revisions

    The Syllabification section in Reading and Spelling was totally revised, expanded and reclassified, so that it appears as a section in its own right. There are now 40 syllabification tasks, (previously 10), and they are divided into 4 subsections, 2, 3, 4, and 5 syllable words. The model used for this section is "Word sound buttons". I welcome feedback on the syllabification rules in this section.

    With this revision, "Prefixes and Suffixes" is now also a section in its own right. This should make it easier to locate these areas.

  3. APAR and Literacy Online

    In addition to our core products eLr and EIA, our team is involved in several projects which endeavour to enhance internet access and literacy for people with severe physical and intellectual impairments. The materials referred to below have been developed with public funding, and are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. In other words, they are free for public use, but may not be modified or copied without acknowledgement of the original source. In addition, both ELR Software, and the original project groups would appreciate feedback - see links on the sites.

    The APAR (Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading) - designed to assess the phonological awareness (PA) and reading skills of non-verbal adults, is available for downloading. There are both PDF (printable) versions of the materials, as well as a "beta version" of the computerized program. See http://www.elr.com.au/apar/index.htm).

    LoL (Literacy Online for People with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities) is also quite advanced. This site contains games and activities which can compliment a literacy program. The games can be customized so that they contain vocabulary which is relevant to the client. See http://www.elr.com.au/lol/index.htm.

  4. Free Downloads

    For other supporting materials and documents available for free download, please see http://www.elr.com.au/support.htm.

  5. ELR 2002 Calendar

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