August 2013

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ELR Software produces a range of computer programs designed by speech pathologists for speech, language & literacy intervention. Our programs may be used interactively within therapy sessions, to increase efficiency in service delivery, and to improve access to the Internet for people with special needs. We are also available as consultants to clinicians and research projects in the fields of literacy and accessibility issues associated with the Internet.

The aim of this newsletter is to inform you of developments and changes to our major products eLr (Extra Language Resources), Build-a-Sentence, Word Meanings, Rude Readers and EIA (Enhancing Internet Access). We welcome the opportunity for feedback and questions, and will be pleased to consider including reader contributions and announcements.

This Newsletter (and previous editions) as well as a "print-ready" PDF version of the current edition is available online at www.elr.com.au/news. An email version is also sent monthly to members of our mailing list (See Subscribing/Unsubscribing).

In this issue -

  1. eLr-Offline for iPad now in the App Store!
  2. New eLr Materials
  3. Speech Pathology Australia National Conference
  4. Looking Learning
  5. Other Independent Developers
  6. Free Downloads
  7. ELR 2013 Calendar

  1. eLr-Offline for iPad now in the App Store!

    Yes - it's finally happened! Our eLr-Offline App is now in the Apple App Store, so we're terminating the Beta test program and won't be releasing an August 2013 version (the App Store App contains the August 2013 content). Thanks very much to all who've contributed and provided us with valuable feedback and experience.

    We're also very grateful to the Apple review people who've advised and assisted on the submission process. eLr-Offline is an unusual App. It's not a standard "one-off" program, or a conventional subscription product, and Apple has allowed us to maintain our delivery of "Registered" eLr access to subscribers who in turn can deliver free "Guest" access to their clients.

    Hence, "eLr-Offline for iPad" is available for free download by anyone, but it will behave in an "Unregistered" mode until unlocked with a "Registered" or "Guest" AppKey which is only available from ELR Software. If you are reading this on an iPad you should be able to click this direct link to the App Store or www.elr.com.au/offline/ipad. Alternatively you can do a search for "elr" in the App store.

    Once installed, open the App, then as you did with the Beta version, go to "Registered Users", enter your AppKey and "Register" it. If you have clients wanting to use the App as "Guests" they should also install it in the same way, but they'll need a "Guest AppKey" to "Register" it. We've recently emailed all subscribers with these details but please contact us if you need more information. Any additional feedback and "Customer ratings" and "Reviews" on the App store will be welcome.

  2. New eLr Materials

    45 new tasks have been added to "Phonology - Skills and early sounds " - "Vowel sounds". The aim of this section is to provide material to strengthen accurate production of vowel sounds which is often a difficulty for people who have dyspraxia of speech, a speech sound disorder, or who have hearing impairment, often resulting in inaccurate articulation of vowel sounds.

    The new tasks are in a subsection called "Long Vowel Sounds" targeting the /ah, ee, oo, or, ir/ sounds. Three models are used: PicCards provides sets of picture which are presented like cards on a table - useful for introducing the pictures, and/or printing the pictures to make your own set of cards which can be used in table top activities. TicTacPics is a "Tic-Tac-Toe" type game providing a fun activity to practice production of words with the target vowel sound, and MemoryPics is another game, similar to the well-known "Memory" game.

    All activities can be used in a flexible way depending on client needs and skill level. The clinician or helper plays a central role, providing individualised feedback and strategies, and encouraging the client to expand skill, eg producing single words with the target vowel sound, and moving on to using those words in sentences and conversation.

    As with all eLr materials, we welcome feedback about this new section. This may include ways that you are using the material and suggestions for improvements.

  3. Speech Pathology Australia National Conference

    The Gold Coast Conference was very enjoyable and as usual there were many stimulating papers. It's always good to catch up with many old friends and subscribers, and also people who have not yet seen our material. We find it a great opportunity for feedback and discussion of ideas for new content. Thanks for your support.

  4. Looking Learning

    As an occasional feature of this Newsletter, we include simple, unpaid announcements of products developed by other small, independent developers, who, like ourselves, have put their ideas and experience into resource materials for general distribution. This month we're pleased to let you know of an Australian made, web-based resource created by Melissa Karydas.

    Melissa's background is physiotherapy and she developed Looking Learning over a 10 year period in response to the family challenge of a daughter born with a language disorder. The resultant resource is a uniquely configured, extensive online visual dictionary with more than 7000 words and phrases. The materials are intended to assist the teaching of English to ESL students, and to assist students with language difficulties. You can read more at www.lookinglearning.com.

    The key features of the website include:

  5. Other Independent Developers

    Links and brief information about other independent developers may be found at www.elr.com.au/links/developers.htm. To date we have listed -

    If you would like your materials listed on this page (at no charge), please contact us.

  6. Free Downloads

    ELR has a number of free or evaluation files available for downloading directly from our website. Please see www.elr.com.au/downloads.htm for specific details. For other supporting materials and documents available for free download, please see www.elr.com.au/support.htm.

  7. ELR 2013 Calendar

    ELR Software is now able to offer eLr support and short tutorials over the web. We can provide this sort of support to individuals, or to groups who would like to have an overview of eLr. Please contact us for details.

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