February 2021

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ELR Software produces computer programs designed by speech pathologists for speech, language & literacy intervention. Our programs may be used interactively within therapy sessions, to increase efficiency in service delivery, and to improve access to the Internet for people with special needs. We are also available as consultants to clinicians and research projects in the fields of literacy and accessibility issues associated with the Internet.

The aim of this newsletter is to inform you of developments and changes to our major products eLr (Extra Language Resources) and Word Meanings. We welcome the opportunity for feedback and questions, and will be pleased to consider including reader contributions and announcements.

This Newsletter (and previous editions) as well as a "print-ready" PDF version of the current edition is available online at www.elr.com.au/news. An email version is also sent monthly to members of our mailing list (See Subscribing/Unsubscribing).

In this issue -

  1. What's New in eLr
  2. Reminder About the "Universal eLr Offline Apps"
  3. Other Independent Developers
  4. Free Downloads
  5. ELR 2021 Calendar

  1. What's New in eLr

  2. This month we've added a "Pen Tool" to all eLr tasks. Essentially it's a selectable, transparent "Whiteboard" layer which overlays the task content, and was inspired by the usefulness of the annotation tools provided by teletherapy platforms such as Zoom. This similar, but simplified, version of that functionality will work in both teletherapy and conventional eLr sessions, and multipage eLr tasks allow separate annotations on each page. You toggle the tool on/off by clicking the "pen" in right hand box of the existing (but slightly modified) "Color Changer" task control, and draw with a mouse, touch screen, or stylus. Settings allow selection of line color and "pen/highlighter" mode.

    This tool allows the user to annotate task features, write words and personalize an interactive session. For example, it may be used in the LettersToWords model added last month to provide an additional on-screen writing component to reinforce spelling and encoding skills. Another useful scenario in models like MemoryPics and ConnectWords is to have the child and instructer take turns in finding, saying, and marking the duplicate pictures/words. This allows you to repeat the activity in a fun but different way to provide reinforcement.

    Users of eLr may already have many different strategies for using such on-screen annotation, and we'd appreciate feedback on your experiences and eLr tasks that you find it useful for.

  3. Reminder About the "Universal eLr Offline Apps"

  4. Our eLr-Pro Offline and eLr-Guest Offline "Universal Apps" have now replaced the separate Windows and iPad eLr-Offline we've supplied for many years. These new Apps will work on all modern computers and tablets, and updates for both, including "Pen Tool" discussed above, will automatically arrive to your device if you have them installed.

    If you've not already done so, you can install the "Pro" version from www.elr.com.au/elrpro.htm, or "Guest" version from www.elr.com.au/elrguest.htm. The "Pro" version is free for registered subscribers and enables selection and delivery of all eLr activities in familiar ways. The "Guest" version is also free and is for clients of registered users who have been provided a specific set of activities for home or school practice. The "Install" button in each App offers guidance, and we are very happy to be contacted for advice.

    Once you have your Offline App installed, you'll need to "register" it for ongoing use with the "AppKeyPro" or AppKeyGuest" code we've recently supplied all subscribers. If you're not currently a subscriber, please contact us for a free trial.

  5. Other Independent Developers

  6. As an occasional feature of this Newsletter, we include simple, unpaid announcements of products developed by other small, independent developers, who, like ourselves, are practising clinicians who have put their ideas and experience into resource materials for general distribution. Links and brief information about these sites may be found at www.elr.com.au/links/developers.htm. To date we have listed -

    If you would like your materials listed on this page (at no charge), please contact us.

  7. Free Downloads

  8. ELR has a number of free or evaluation files available for downloading directly from our website. Please see www.elr.com.au/downloads.htm for specific details. For other supporting materials and documents available for free download, please see www.elr.com.au/support.htm.

  9. ELR 2021 Calendar

  10. ELR Software offers free eLr tutorials over the web. We can provide this sort of support to individuals, or to groups who would like to have an overview of eLr. We are also offering free Coviu sessions to allow clinicians to get a feel for teletherapy, and in particular the advantages of using eLr for Coviu. Please contact us for details.

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