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August 2022 Edition (v2.2.0.80) now available
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eLr-Offline allows access to all eLr content where access to the Internet is not possible or desirable.
Click on either of these links to open the free, no obligation installation pages:
There are 2 "Universal" eLr-Offline Apps -
eLr-Pro Offline (for subscribers) and eLr-Guest Offline (for clients of subscribers).
(These Apps fully replace the Windows and iPad eLr-Offline Apps we have previously provided!)

The eLr-Offline Apps will run on all modern computers and tablets. They have been developed and tested on Windows (Chrome and MS Edge), MacOS (Chrome), iPad (Safari), and Android tablet and Chromebook (both Chrome) devices.

The installation process uses new browser technologies and is probably unfamiliar to many people - it is all done from within your browser in a process that can generally be described as "Saving to your homescreen". The steps vary slightly according to the device/browser you are using. The "Install" button in each App offers guidance, and we are very happy to be contacted for advice.

Update Nov 17 2021: Windows 10/11 users may instead install these Apps directly from the Microsoft AppStore using these links:

For all devices, once you have an App installed, you'll need to "register" it for ongoing use with the same "Appkeys" we've previously supplied for the iPad eLr-Offline App. If you're not currently a subscriber, please contact us for a free trial.

We always appreciate feedback - please let us know of any problems or suggestions.

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