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May 2020

September 2020 Edition (v2.0.0.9) now available
(elr-o.exe [md5=EB3C40BD889462D0CF0A3A53ADBD6D87])
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eLr-Offline is a compiled, "mirror" version of this entire Web site which you may download and run on your own PC (Windows only!). It will allow access to the eLr Directory and all tasks from locations where regular access to the Internet is not possible
Free Download - no obligations

eLr-Guest is a matching version of eLr-Offline which allows "Guest Access" to eLr from locations where regular access to the Internet is not possible. It is available as an optional extra only to existing Registered eLr Subscribers, who in turn provide it to their clients

New editions of eLr-Offline and eLr-Guest are published every month (to coincide with updates to the Web site). Subscribers may choose to receive the current edition on a USB drive as part of their registration package. At any time a subscriber can also update directly from this site by following the directions below.

The same licence and user access details (User ID, PIN and Expiry Date) apply for either the Web or Offline access method.

eLr-Offline for Windows
Setup Guide

System Requirements Installation
  • Windows 10/8/7 with Internet Explorer 10/11
  • Mac with BootCamp, Parallels or VMWare Fusion
  1. Fill in the form below
  2. Download either the full installation version (elr-oi.exe)
    or the portable version (elr-o.zip)
  3. Save it to your PC - eg to Windows\temp directory
  4. (Optional) Disconnect from the Internet
  5. On your computer, run the installation program,
    or unzip the portable version
  6. Use eLr whenever/wherever you need it
  7. Unregistered Users - think about subscribing if you like the program!
(Note: Some features may be less functional with Internet Explorer 10)

Download Current Edition

Registered Users should download this eLr-Offline Installation Package (approx 45MB) and install it on their computer to update their eLr-Offline. You may also need to "register" a newly installed version via the "Help-Get registration key" menu.

Non-subscribers are also welcome to download this program, try it and distribute it as you wish. However, in Unregistered Mode, activities will be functional but time-limited and "watermarked" as unregistered.

We ask that you please leave us brief contact details and comments.

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Please fill out the above details, then click Next - the next page has a link to start the download.

We always appreciate feedback about this program -
Please let us know of any problems or suggestions.

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