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This is a calendar of coming presentations
by the ELR Software Team

Please contact us for further details

Using eLr in Teletherapy - Free Webinars

Given the unprecedented demand for clinicians to be using teletherapy, we are offering free, customised webinars to assist any individuals or groups who'd like learn (or share) more information.

For existing subscribers the focus of such a session will likely be what platforms and methods are useful, and tips and tricks to get the most from eLr in clinical sessions. For new subscribers, and any one who has recently discovered the eLr "free trials", there'll be additional concentration on the content of eLr - what's in there, how do I locate it, and how do I effectively deliver sessions to my client families and schools?

If you'd like to participate in such a webinar, please email expressing your interest. Let us know in general terms what you'd like to cover, and your current experience level with eLr and teleplatform(s). Please also include some dates and/or times that would suit you best, and we'll respond with some possible options.

Location Topic Date
In a virtual/online format

Previously posponed from 2020
due to COVID-19!
Speech Pathology Australia
2021 National Conference

May/Jun 2021
Sun May 30th - Wed June 2nd
We will have a presence at this conference. Contact us for further details.

Available by arrangement
Over the web eLr "teletherapy" using Coviu

If you'd like to participate in a teletherapy introduction or training session, please contact us.


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