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This page is to provide links to major Speech and Language Pathology web sites around the world

If you need further information about SLP activities and services in your area, your Professional Association is a good place to start


Also listed are further sites which have additional, appropriate material and which have reciprocal links to eLr. We encourage you to visit those sites.

Please feel free to link your site to eLr at http://www.elr.com.au/elr.htm if you wish.

Major SLP Association Links

Sites for the professional Speech Pathology Associations in various countries.

Sites with Reciprocal Links to eLr

Sites that know or use eLr and can provide information, materials and various speech pathology services.

Independent Developers

Sites for other independent product developers, who, like ourselves, are practising clinicians who have put their ideas and experience into resource materials for general distribution.

Other Useful Links

Web sites where we've found various useful SLP resources and information



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