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The following files are available for free downloading from this website

Program Licence Description Size Action
eLr Free trial Time limited, free access to the eLr (Extra Language Resources) website. Speech pathology, language and literacy resources, designed by Speech Pathologists for children and adults with speech and language disorders, delayed learning and reading support needs [Web]
eLr-Offline Evaluation
Compiled, "mirror" version of the eLr (Extra Language Resources) website which you may download and run on your own PC. Allows access to the eLr Directory and all tasks from locations where regular access to the Internet is not possible. 18MB [Download] [Web]
eLr Directory (Summary) Freeware Summary of eLr Directory in print-ready PDF format. Contains all the classification information but no listing of actual tasks and task numbers. (The full version is available only to eLr subscribers.) 80kb [Download] [Web]
eLr Fonts Freeware This is a set of 19 symbol fonts as used in eLr activities. They have a standard "arial" character set with 10 different symbols mapped to the digits "0" to "9" in each font. 350kb [Download]  
Build-a-Sentence Evaluation
An interactive program to strengthen labeling of nouns, verbs and objects and production of 2 & 3 part sentences. 5.2MB [Download] [Web]
Word Meanings Trialware An Interactive Language Program designed to build understanding and recall of words by strengthening semantic processing, based on the therapy manual Building Language: Word Meanings by Robyn Dower and Jan Mackey, Helios Art and Book Co, 1996.  
Vol 1:Covers Picture Meanings, Spoken Word - Picture Links, and Written Word - Picture Links. 4.8MB [Download] [Web]
Freeware APAR (Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading) in print-ready PDF format (zipped). Contains all the score sheets and stimulus cards. 1MB [Download] [Web]
Literacy Online Freeware Mirror of Literacy Online web site. This is the full (except for external links) set of files (.htm/.js/.css/.gif/.jpg) that constitute the Literacy Online web site. 320kb [Download] [Web]

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