Book cover A simple version of the traditional story in the past tense.

Goldilocks is the rudest thing in this second Rude Reader from Volume 1. A feisty blonde does a break & enter and gets away with it! It's the same old story but in simple syntax. Our Goldilocks was written for a language-impaired girl wanting to 'tell' her class a story. Her mother rewrote the traditional version, and then we simplified the syntax further, while keeping the traditional bits - 'Father Bear said, "Somebody's been eating my breakfast"'. The traditional utterances have the most complex syntax. Other syntax is mainly LARSP III ranging up to LARSP IV. The vocabulary is as reduced as we could manage (porridge haters will be pleased that the bears eat "breakfast"). The text has repeats of a sequence of sentences beginning with 'First, But, Next, But, Then ... So/And' - all Connectivity Devices at the start of sentences, and good narrative linking. There are lots of verbs and since the story is told in past tense there are irregular and regular past markers on verbs. Verb+particle structures (LARSP II) get a work-out 'sat on', 'woke up', 'jumped out'. Intensifiers 'all, too', feature in the story. We hope you give the traditional prosodic swoop on "ALL up" when you read this Rude Reader to a child.

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