Spit Spit Spat

Book cover In three-line rhymes the child gets strange gifts from aunts and uncles who have strange names.

In three-line rhymes a child gets birthday gifts from aunts and uncles, some with strange names, until finally "Spart, Spart, Sport / Aunty Wart / Gave me nought." Spit Spit Spat (Volume 1) has a total vocabulary of 29 words and syntax that is mostly SVOO (LARSP IV), but it does a lot of teaching. It practises/sp/ blends in nonsense words. Spit Spit Spat also focuses attention on the middle vowel of the opening string of nonsense words - a phonologic awareness task. The rhyming lines are another phonologic awareness input. Rhythm is used to link the three rhymed lines. Grapheme-phoneme matching is sneaked into the text - wart/sport/nought all have the same vowel. And there's not a rude bit anywhere in this reader.

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