Zoo Dads

Book cover Two kids find increasingly funny similarities between their dads and zoo animals.

The last of the 5 stories in Volume 1, this is a story of escalating hilarity. Two kids are told to find the funniest animal at the zoo while their dads have a drink and a talk. From thereon, the boys compete to find increasingly funny (and rude) similarities between their dads and zoo animals. They start off smiling and end up laughing until it hurt with nine degrees of hilarity between. It's a nice demonstration of the words that indicate feeling happy. If "My dad farts like an elephant" offends you, then this isn't your RR. But you'll miss a good chance to teach similes. Zoo Dads is not dad-bashing. The kids have a good time and actually find the funniest animals. There's an inferred ending that children enjoy, once they get the joke. Zoo Dads is mainly LARSP Stage III. There's some visual rudeness - the drawings show a zebra peeing and an elephant farting. Bet you can't read this Zoo Dads without smiling.

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