Where Are You?

Book cover A simple count to ten story where the questions and answers rhyme.

This is a deceptively simple Rude Reader from Volume 2. The syntax is LARSP Stage III. The vocabulary is limited to 18 words. Where Are You uses a question and answer format. The "Where questions" used are "Where is ..." and "Where are ..." Answers are prepositional phrases at LARSP III level. The first page goes "One Two. Where are you?" The picture shows a child in the loo, but the answer phrase only appears in writing later. In the second half, the answers are given but the child has to recall the question - a memory task. Rhyme helps the child to remember the answer/question and is also a phonologic awareness input. Numbers and words are used - the order is reversed half way though the reader to help strengthen the match. The rudest bit is a drawing of a child sitting on the loo. You'll find that the text will stick in your head, and the next person who asks "Where are you?" might be surprised by your answer.

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