Party Dog

Book cover The dog eats everything at the party, vomits and rolls in the mixed-up foods.

Dog lovers will love this Rude Reader from Volume 2. The dog is naughty - just take your eye of the mongrel and it's scoffing the party food! Party Dog combines pairs of nouns in semantically expected and unexpected ways. The XcX LARSP IV phrase structure gets a workout. The rude dog eats all the party food "My dog ate fish and chips.". The order is reversed when the dog chucks up the food "chips and fish", and then is scrambled after the dog rolls in the mess "fish and jelly". Finally the child can clean-up with a fill-the-gap page "fish and ?". Party Dog is for children who need to build automatic associations of nouns. The vocabulary is small except for the large number of food nouns. Party Dog, and especially Anna's illustrations, will make you laugh.

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