Ten Naughty Ninjas

Book cover The Ninjas get closer and fewer. The child's concern gets the usual adult responses.

The action starts with Ten Naughty Ninjas / Followed me one day / When I told my mother / She said, "They'll go away." The countdown continues with the Ninjas getting fewer and closer until the last one is in the loo! Ten Naughty Ninjas (Volume 2) is tightly structured using the same format for each page. It has a tiddlypom rhythm and rhymed lines - just what you need to get a child to talk a bit faster. The grammatical structure teaches "when" as a connector word in a complex sentence. /s/ blends are also packing in so that the Ninjas scuttled, scampered, slithered and other /s/ blend verbs. The reverse count from 10 to 1 practises the number sequence and the child can count the remaining Ninjas. Ten prepositions are used as the Ninjas lurk across the pool, behind the fence. Of course no one believes the child actually is seeing Ninjas - the put downs are taken from real life. How rude!

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