Smart Shark

Book cover Dinosaur asks Smart Shark and Silly Shark to do 'rude' things. Smart Shark has the right answers.

Smart Shark (Volume 3) sets up three 'rude' things that Dinosaur asks Silly Shark or Smart Shark to do, if they want to be Dinosaur's friend - "push a kid", "pull down your pants", "say a rude word". Silly Shark is tricked and does the silly thing. Smart Shark has the right answer - "A friend does not say that". Smart Shark was written for a boy who had difficulties understand inferred messages. He was a target for teasing and was easily talked into doing naughty things at school. He needed to understand when a friend is not a friend, what to say to a false friend and how to be smart with friends. His fantasy of being a shark that would outwit his tormentors gave the characters of Smart Shark and Silly Shark. The goal was to give him a formula to respond to children who wanted him to do silly things if he was to be a friend. Thus, Silly Shark and Smart Shark give him the social phrases he needs to see/understand the social interaction. Smart Shark's dialogue is a script for him use later. The illustrations give the action and the thinking. The same syntax is used for all three 'rude' temptations Smart Shark, "pull down your pants and I will be your friend" and responses "I tricked you . You are silly" / "I can't trick you / you are smart". Syntax ranges up to LARSP Stage V but repeats the same structures.

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