Book cover There are two versions of the alphabet sequence with rhymes.

The aim of this ABC (Volume 3) is to teach the alphabet sequence. Two versions are used. The first uses three of four letters at a time; the second uses longer sequences - "ABC Dance with me" / "ABCDEFG, Would you like to play with me?" Rhyme and a matching prosody (intonation) are used to help the recall of the alphabet sequences. Letter [z] is rhymed with [zee] "nobody sees me do wee" - the only rude bit - or with [zed] "shake your head". The first sequence uses command or question structures; the second has more complex syntax so that its prosodic features match the sound of the alphabet string. There are 32 words in this Rude Reader - 13 verbs - excluding the letter names. You might find the patter of the sequences sticks in your head - it's meant to.

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