Feather Weather

Book cover Seven verses of rhymed advice about how to use feathers in different weather, to practise /th/ in an amusing verse.

Feather Weather (Volume 4) practises /th/ sounds in a six-line rhyme with a regular beat in the connected utterance. It has seven verses of rhymes about how to use a feather to cope with different weather - boiling, chilly, foggy, rainy, windy and thundery. The silly advice is given in two sentences which keep the same syntactic structure "In boiling weather / Hold a feather / Just between your toes / Then wave it back and forth / And send a cool breeze / Up your nose". Syntax is up to LARSP Stage V with connectivity structures and, but, or else, then and complex sentences. There are 18 /th/ sounds carried by nouns, verbs and prepositions. Where possible an /f/ sound is slipped into the text or into a word - feather, froth, flutter, freezing, flap, fear - just to make things difficult. In the end the child gets to hug mum. There's nothing rude about this reader - it's just silly in a sensible way.

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