Green Wees

Book cover Different foods are eaten, with several degrees of pleasure.

Green Wees (Volume 4) uses a vocabulary of 24 words and syntax at LARSP Stage III, limited to SVO. Green Wees shows how the /i/ phoneme can be written in several ways - ee, ea, ei, e, eme. It begins with a simple statement "We eat green beans" and adds a comment "very yummy". Things get weirder and weirder until "We drink green beer" - "extremely weird". On the way the child learns how to intensify three adjectives - yummy, yukky, weird with really, very, extremely, exceedingly - also chosen to use the /i/ sound. Children will like the build up as things get more intense, and the ending is just a bit rude, and strange. Finally We do green wees - eek!

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