Sniff Your Socks

Book cover The reader is asked to judge the possibility and niceness of various suggestions. Could you/would you/should you sniff your socks?

Sniff Your Socks (Volume 4) practises /s/ blends on 16 verbs strangle, sniff, smack and more. Using three modal auxiliaries could, would, should , the child is asked to judge "Could you sniff your socks?" = ability; "Should you sniff your socks?" = Allowability; "Would you sniff your socks?" = willingness. As well as practising auxiliary fronted questions, the child has to respond with the answer - could/couldn't; should shouldn't would/wouldn't practising contacted negatives. The slightly naughty nature of the initial statement - "slap your mum", "smack your teacher", "squash your brother", "slurp your soup" focuses on the judgements carried by modal verbs.

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