Riding Hood

Book cover Retells Little Red Riding Hood with simple syntax, while keeping the traditional bits.

Little Red Riding Hood (Volume 4) is not a simple story! It's not rude, but it is violent and you might not like that disobedient girls end up with the woodcutter! The traditional dialogue is there, "Oh grandma what a big (noun) you have!" "All the better to (verb) you with!" Little Red Riding Hood is a LARSP II phrase structure, mostly with a gerund - a verb functioning as a noun (adjective+adjective+noun+noun) big white dressing gown, but sometimes with a participle - a verb functioning as an adjective (adjective+adjective+adjective+noun) big blue sleeping hat. This Rude Reader plays with this structure and has "long yellow hunting coat", "big white walking dress" and others. Everything ends happily - except for the wolf. The woodcutter arrives wearing "a tight green working shirt" and carrying "a big grey chopping axe". Grandma survives to cook up some wolf soup. The illustrations show the key items at each stage of the story.

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