Found by Me

Book cover Four pets are found and looked after by a child.

If you think cuddling a crocodile is rude, then you are alert to, but not alarmed by, the only rude bit of Found By Me (Volume 5). Four pets - kitten, puppy, chicken, crocodile - are found and looked after, fed and cuddled by the child. The main teaching point is contrasting active and passive sentences. "I found a kitten / I found it / It was found by me". The use of a pronouns to link the story across the separate sentences is also practised. So too is the change from "a kitten" to "the kitten" - switching from indefinite to definite determiners as the story continues. The vocabulary is small - 19 words in all, and the syntax at LARSP Stage III, except for the passive which is the only LARSP IV structure. This Rude Reader is almost too nice but there's a possible crunch at the end.

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