Far Fart

Book cover Contrast CV (consonant vowel) words and CVC words in a sentence. The moose went moo at the moon.

Be warned, Far Fart (Volume 5) also has poo and wee! If you forget to use the consonant at the end of a CVC word, you'll say a CV word and it might just be a rude one. Far Fart contrasts CV and CVC words in a sentence, with two or three unrelated sentences per page. The drawings work overtime to help the child because there are many words - at least 70 nouns- in this Rude Reader. Each sentence makes sense, almost. "We did wees on the weak weed"; "Far from the farm I did a fart"; "The moose went moo at the moon"; "Someone did a poo in the pool"; "The gnome has no nose". Syntax is mainly LARSP IV with an occasional complex sentence.

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