Don't Hit Dad

Book cover The social rules about hitting people, animals and objects are contrasted alternately, using simple syntax and limited vocabulary.

This is a social story about managing the urge to hit people or animals. The vocabulary is small - 23 words - and the syntax is simple. The same structures recur. This Rude Reader begins with "I want to hit my dad" = putting the urge into print. The next page has a high teaching load - "Don't hit your dad" = the social rule; "He will be hurt" = the consequence; "That's not OK" = the judgement; "So don't hit you dad" = the approved behaviour. The main teaching points are that people and animals can be hurt; it is not OK to cause hurt; it is OK to hit inanimate things - quite a philosophic stretch for such a small Rude Reader. Animate nouns - dad, mum, dog, baby are alternated with inanimate nouns - pillow, ball, bag, bed. There's something very satisfying about the structural symmetry of Don't Hit Dad (Volume 5).

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