Mum's Bum

Book cover Possession is expressed in two ways; a ball for Paul, and Paul's ball.

If you think bum is rude, then what about barge-arse -which we couldn't put in this Rude Reader -it didn't rhyme with anything. Mum's Bum (Volume 5) aims to teach two ways of expressing possession in English - "a hen for Ben" and "Ben's hen". Rhyme is used to make it interesting and the illustrations cue the child to 'read' the story. The same structure is used for all 16 pages - "ball/Paul/a ball for Paul/Paul's ball". There are 34 words in this Rude Reader - 32 nouns, one determiner a, and one preposition for. The syntax is at LARSP Stage II with one Stage IV structure NP Prep NP - "a lion for Ryan". The rude bits for Australian children are bum, wee. American readers will note that while bum amy mean a tramp for them, it means fanny for Australian kids - and that's ruder than anything in this Rude Reader.

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