Can a Kid

Book cover /k/ in words in sentences to ask the same question with four alternatives: Can a [kid kangaroo koala kookaburra] catch a ball?

Can a Kid? (Volume 5) uses 39 words and simple syntax to practise /k/ in connected utterances. There are 18 nouns and 16 verbs and 20 of these words have /k/ sounds at the start as single or kl, kr blends. The same question is asked about four subjects - a kid, a koala, a kangaroo and a kookaburra. "Can a kid etc catch a ball?" The child can answer with another /k/ word can/ can't. This structure continues throughout the Rude Reader, practising auxiliary verb fronted questions (LARSP Stage IV) with one auxiliary verb can. There is nothing rude about this reader. The pictures are fun - ever seen a kangaroo cook a cake?

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